Jun. 8th, 2012

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Держим пальцы крестиком, ждем поправки к закону об оружии и откладываем бабло на реплику Браун Бесс от Педесоли:

"Приобретение оружия и патронов к нему на территории Российской Федерации не подлежит лицензированию в случае:
...приобретения длинноствольного одноствольного старинного (антикварного) огнестрельного оружия, копий длинноствольного одноствольного старинного (антикварного) огнестрельного оружия и реплик длинноствольного одноствольного старинного (антикварного) огнестрельного оружия"

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...вот только идиотов там многовато:

Last week, Jessie Sansone of Kitchener, Ont., was arrested inside his children’s school when he arrived to pick them up after class. He was strip searched and thrown in a cell, while his wife was brought into the police station and his children taken by Family and Children’s Services. After several hours, Sansone was suddenly released with apologies, and told the entire ordeal was triggered when his four-year-old daughter’s teacher reported there may have been a gun in Sansone’s home. The basis of this allegation was a picture she’d drawn of her daddy shooting monsters and bad guys. Sansone is not a firearms owner, and the closest thing to a gun the police found after searching his home was a plastic toy.
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Dawnguard! У них есть арбалеты!

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